I've been teaching guitar for a l-o-o-n-g time (over 40 years) and ukulele since the mid-90s. Until my move to Woodbury, Devon in early 2021 I was an approved teacher of guitar and ukulele by Surrey County Council and a member of their Surrey Arts Teaching Panel. I understand I was their first recognised, specialist ukulele teacher, from 1997. I have a DBS and hold an MU Child Protection Awareness cert. 


Practical, hands-on approach, some theory as necessary (don't believe anyone who tells you you don't need to know ANY theory!) but not too heavy, and no exams (if you want to go through the Grade system you'll need to find another teacher). Having broad musical tastes and working experience in many styles including folk, rock'n'roll, jazz and Cajun, I can teach from a variety of genres. I'm happy to cater for the musical tastes of my pupils. Emphasis on:

  • Early establishment of good technique & good habits 
  • Developing listening skills, memory, creativity
  • Having fun making music!

Making music is a great stressbuster. The uke in particular is small, light, portable, cheap and easy to get started on. It brings a smile to the face of player and listener alike. It's fun... and a lot cheaper than therapy!


  • Ukulele
  • Acoustic guitar (not classical)
  • Electric guitar
  • Bass guitar (beginner/improver level))

Lesson length: 45-50mins / 30min option for beginners / 1hr for 2-to-1. POA


All private lessons are at my home in Woodbury, nr Exeter, Devon. Sorry, but I no longer travel out to teach people in their own homes and I don't teach children younger than 7.




From March 2020 I started offering ONLINE LESSONS, mainly because of Covid. I prefer face-to-face, of course, but I've found the virtual alternative actually works pretty well. There is a DOWN side - an inability to play along in sync with the pupil because of the unavoidable latency (time lag) on all the platforms. However this is compensated for by the massive UP side - there is no need for pupil or teacher to travel, both can be sitting in the comfort of their own homes, anywhere in the WORLD! 


From March 2022, almost exactly 2 years to the day after switching entirely online, I was again able to offer face-to-face lessons. Online tuition is still available if you prefer, or especially if you're not local.


With its small size, cheapness and relative ease of play the ukulele has become very popular in schools, and the quality of budget ukes has improved greatly in recent years. The ukulele has two big advantages over that other school favourite, the recorder:

  1. The uke naturally sounds sweet and harmonious. As long as it's in tune it's really quite difficult to make an unpleasant noise with a ukulele - more than can be said for many other instruments in the hands of beginners!
  2. It's possible to play uke and sing and at the same time

I'm happy to discuss running one-off workshops/demos (for over-7s) although I no longer teach regularly in schools. See Workshops page.