The omega 3

English Eccentric Humour in Song


... somewhere between George Formby and Arctic Monkeys


"Catchy, clever songs, very English, very funny" - Eamonn Holmes, TV presenter, journalist


TO3 was a sort of remanifestation of Roaring Jelly for the noughties, with new material as well as a few revamped Jelly favourites. Line-up:

  • Derek Pearce - vocal, guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, accordion
  • Clive Harvey - vocal, guitar, ukulele, banjulele
  • Graeme Taylor - vocal, bass guitar, guitar, banjo

The original bass player, the enigmatic Da'aboth, left with health problems after a few months to be replaced by the Morden Maestro, Graeme Taylor (Gryphon / Home Service) who had been a session player on several Roaring Jelly recordings. GT had been a big Jelly fan and when invited to join the Essential Batty Acids tour with Clive and Derek in 2007 said, "Sod off!" then 2 seconds later, "Only joking - I'd love to!" The rest is wisteria.


(Sad footnote: Da'aboth died in April 2022)

Three-quarters of all experts say that half the time two-thirds of us are simply not getting enough . . . ESSENTIAL BATTY ACIDS!


CD - ESSENTIAL BATTY ACIDS - ("A lovely little gem" - Rob Brydon, actor, comedian) - available by post. The CD, not Rob Brydon.


See the video of TO3 favourite "Peeing In The Swimming Pool"