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I'm a player and teacher of ukulele and guitar, a singer and songwriter. If you were looking for my website, well done, you've found it. If not, well, who knows? - It could be your lucky day!

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I taught myself the ukulele from the age of 4, took up classical guitar at age 10, electric guitar at 16. Since then I've studied, been a teacher, played a lot of music. In 1981 I became a full-time musician. Either solo or in bands I've been lucky enough to play all over the UK and abroad, perform on TV, radio and records, meet and play with some amazing musicians including Sir Paul McCartney. Lately I've mainly been playing solo ukulele, teaching ukulele and guitar, and composing.

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A Beginner's Guide

Handy tips if you're new to the world of ukulele or guitar.

How Tab Works

Tab - tablature - the oldest system of notation for fretted instruments, used by most uke and non-classical guitar players.

Music Sheets

Tab and chord sheets to download - free of charge - help yourself!

Fun UKE Facts

Does what it says on the tin.

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Other stuff you might find interesting. Obviously I have no control over the content of external websites.

what my customers say

Julie Peasgood

Actor / TV Presenter / Writer


"Thank you, dearest Clive, for your wonderful musical contribution to my party. Your ukulele and attire brought a smile to everyone's faces and added the perfect 'tiki' atmosphere to a lovely summer night."

Tony & Georgie Cooke

Parents of a private pupil


"Since starting lessons with you Harry's confidence has grown almost beyond recognition and he is now in danger of being cool! He loves playing guitar and we are very appreciative of your patience and excellent teaching skills."

James York Moore

Malmesbury Carnival


"Clive came to Malmesbury and ran an excellent workshop where 20 novices were introduced to the seductive ways of the Jumping Flea. His wit and musical talent were greatly appreciated by the audience at his concert later in the day. He's very modest, but he's a STAR!!!"

Bill Gidley

Rotary Club of Romsey Test, Hampshire


"An excellent and entertaining show."