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CDs, it seems, are now retro! That's OK, I'm a retro kind of guy and I'm still selling mine, available at my gigs, workshops and lessons or via mail. Please contact me for more info. Please note: from 2020 my recordings and videos have been published under the name Clive M. Harvey to avoid confusion with flamenco guitarist Clive Harvey.


My first solo single "Garden Queen" is available to stream/download on all platforms, with 50% of the proceeds going to seed donation and nature charity Cultivating Change. See below for more info.


NEWS: Released 11/7/22 - my second solo single "Nature Song (Live With Nature)". The above-mentioned charity Cultivating Change asked me to write them a song. This is it - and luckily they love it!


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roaring jelly

RJ fr.cover (1)

Here's some we made earlier

16 classic tracks from the legendary trio including Clive's 2 best-known songs "Christmas In Australia" & "Valerie Wilkins". Several other tracks never before released on CD inc."Idi Amin", "Lord Randall", "Babylonnie Donegan" & "Little Chef". Live & studio recordings 1976-1985.

Monster Movie Nightmare Blues

If I Had The Strength


Dear Mum And Dad

Walking Wavy

Christmas In Australia

Idi Amin (see video)

Lord Randall

The Ides Of March

Babylonnie Donegan

Dirty Little Stop-Out

Valerie Wilkins (see video)

Little Chef (Old Shep)


Home-To-Tea Girl

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


the omega 3

The Omega 3

essential batty acids

"Catchy, clever songs, very English, very funny" - Eamonn Holmes, TV presenter

It's Only Thursday (The Clothes Peg Song)

Second Song (We Don't Look As Stupid As We Are)

Baby Baby

Bournemouth (see video)

Peeing In The Swimming Pool (see video)

Money Won't Make Me Happy

Scrambled Eggs

1 In 7


My Dog Has Fleas

The Menopause Calypso

Big Opening Number


Bonus tracks -

Christmas In Australia 07 (see video)

Massive Rug Sale


the back seat jivers

new moon cd cover

new moon

See the video Rockin' with The Back Seat Jivers featuring several tracks from this album.


Sea Cruise

It Keeps Rainin'

My Baby Had A Baby

New Moon

Just Walking In The Rain

Wandering Spirit



Love Letters

Rocket 88

Gina (reprise)





A compilation of recordings dating from 2009. Clive sings and plays all instruments, with ukulele prominent throughout. All but 3 of the tracks are Clive's compositions.

Oi Lee Rag

Beautiful Island (see video)

Stealing Chips

Wellington Rag

My Island Sweetheart

Hot Ukulele

On Moonlight Bay

Ricky-Tick Rag

When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano


Baby Baby

Aloha 'Oe (see video)

Pitch For A Patch

High-Visibility Trousers


garden queen - single

Garden Queen single

Garden queen

After a mere 40 years as a pro musician Clive released his first solo single in 2020. A tribute to his green-fingered wife Gill, it's a rare example of the 'Surrey Calypso' style (he grins). Their son Jackson plays bass, Clive sings and plays everything else including ukulele, guitar and his first ever harmonica solo. 50% of the sales royalties go to Cultivating Change, a seed donation service supporting mental health and community gardening projects. See the YouTube video but if you stream/download the song, available on all platforms, you'll be helping support a great cause.

Garden Queen   


NATURE SONG - single


nature song (Live with nature)

18 months after the release of his first solo single "Garden Queen" in 2020, this is Clive's follow-up. Once again 50% of the sales royalties will go to Cultivating Change, now a fully-fledged charity, who asked him to write a song for them. See the YouTube video but if you stream/download the song, available on all platforms, you'll be helping support a great cause.

Nature Song (Live With Nature)