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Here's Some We Made Earlier  
16-track Roaring Jelly compilation CD inc. previously unreleased material. Tracks include Christmas In Australia, Idi Amin, Lord Randall, Valerie Wilkins, Babylonnie Donegan
CDs available at gigs/workshops or by mail - please email for details (see Contact page)
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Roaring Jelly

"Pioneers of alternative comedy before the term became fashionable" - Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music

"Interesting and original" - Melody Maker

Banned from Nottingham Playhouse for 'making a mess'!

Roaring Jelly c.1980.  L-R  Mick , Clive , Derek 

Hear VALERIE WILKINS, possibly RJ's most popular song

also their cult classic CHRISTMAS IN AUSTRALIA as revamped by TO3 

Clive met Derek Pearce in 1970 at Nottingham Art College, which was about to be swallowed up by Trent Polytechnic (now Nottingham Trent University). The college then had a thriving folk club, packed to the rafters every week. Clive and Derek were regular solo performers but got on well and soon teamed up as a duo, to good response. They specialised in lively instrumentals, music hall songs and anything else they fancied (Me And My Teddy Bear was a favourite!). The college also ran regular talent contests which Derek had won several times. The duo entered - and won. Money. Seven pounds each. In those days seven quid would feed a student for at least a fortnight. So they entered again, and won again. Good game! To cut a long story short, they won the talent contest so often they got banned by the social sec, but in the same conversation he sweetened the pill by offering them a paid gig. “What are you going to call yourselves?” he asked. Derek replied off the top of his head “Roaring Jelly” - the title of the Irish jig he was currently learning to play. “Good name,” thought Clive. So Roaring Jelly it was. For that first paid gig in 71 Derek suggested drafting in a mate of his, Mick Hennessy. He sang and played bass with Derby folk band The Druids, who had a strong following and a record contract with Argo (subsidiary of major label Decca!). Derek had played a bit with them and guested on one of their albums. The expansion to a trio was intended as a temporary arrangement, a one-off for that first gig. The line-up lasted for 16 years and an estimated 1500 gigs.

  • Early 70s -  Lots of local Midlands gigs, mainly in folk clubs. Banned from Nottingham Playhouse for 'making a mess’ (in those days props included eggs & flour. Oops!)
  • 75 & 76 Sidmouth Festivals, springboard to national gigging
  • 77 - ‘Roaring Jelly’s Golden Grates’, first album, Free Reed label
  • 78 - ‘This is. . .  Roaring Jelly’, BBC Midlands, first TV appearance
  • 79 - ‘Roaring Jelly’s Christmas Trifle’, BBC Midlands TV special. Repeated following year, this time nationally, on BBC 2
  • 80 - ‘Christmas In Australia’ single released on Spot label (Topic subsidiary )  Terry Wogan liked it, played it. Noel Edmonds hated it, didn’t play it
  • 81 - ‘In The Roar’, Topic album
  • 83 - Cambridge Folk Festival. 4-min. standing ovation for RJ, with Stephane Grappelli & Martin Taylor waiting in wings to go on! Hong Kong tour. Gigs, TV & radio spots in HK & Kowloon
  • Early-mid-80s - More radio & TV incl. Chris Tarrant's legendary Tiswas (ITV); writing & recording music for several Channel 4 docos; Pebble Mill at One (BBC 1); regular live spots on BBC Radio 2 evening shows
  • 85 - Farewell gig at Derby Assembly Rooms. Split up . . .  for a while . . .
  • 87 - Reformed for one last tour. Last ever gig: August, Sidmouth Festival
  • 2004 - Valerie Wilkins, re-released on comedy compilation CD Nowt So Funny As Folk (ADA 105CD), most requested track on Mike Harding’s Radio 2 show
  • 2006 - Valerie Wilkins used on soundtrack of American DVD "Potty Whispering: The Gentle Art of Infant Potty Training". Really!
  • 2012 - Valerie Wilkins selected by Mike Harding as one of his favourite 12 tracks on his last ever Folk & Acoustic Music show on BBC Radio 2. The song remains the top requested comedy song in the show's 15-year history

Adam Conway, 2012

16-track RJ compilation CD - HERE'S SOME WE MADE EARLIER available at Clive's gigs or by post (see side panel)

Clive Harvey on Last Minute Musicians