"Hot Ukulele!" CD

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"UK Ukulele Envoy" CD

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CDs available at gigs/workshops or by mail - please email for details (see Contact page)
Back Seat Jivers
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Hot rhythm to cool blues, rock’n’roll to smooch… vintage party music, with style

ROCK 'N' ROLL -  RHYTHM 'N' BLUES - JIVE - SMOOCH - TWIST - a dash of LATIN, JAZZ & SKA - 50s / early 60s - the perfect mix of retro goodtime dance music played by four seasoned musicians who've been playing together for over 20 years. They think, breathe and sneeze in time and in the same key! They are -

  • Clive Harvey - guitar / vocals
  • Steve Salfield - saxophones
  • Graham Jones - double bass
  • Phil Naylor - drums

Dances, Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events - Any Excuse!!

 Knocked out by The Back Seat Jivers, they had the whole audience rockin' and rollin' and cheering for more. Can't wait for the next time they're in town. "  ~ Roger Greenaway, hit songwriter

What?! That's right, they did. Many years ago, before Glasto was the monster event it is now, BSJ were offered a gig in the Workers' Beer Tent. OK, not one of the prime stages but a spot at Glastonbury nonetheless. As they had a prior booking they TURNED IT DOWN! 
They may be stupid... but they're reliable!

To enquire about the Back Seat Jivers contact Clive ~ see Contact page

Or contact Steve Salfield ~
Email: steve [ << at >> ] stevesalfield.com
Tel: 01629 650183

HO7A1632correc cam raw light High Res
Photo above © Jul Ofrain
HO7A1632correc cam raw light High Res

HO7A1632correc cam raw light High Res

HO7A1632correc cam raw light High Res