"Hot Ukulele!" CD

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"UK Ukulele Envoy" CD

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CDs available at gigs/workshops or by mail - please email for details (see Contact page)
Just in case you're interested . . .

BORN: in Watford a post-war baby-boomer, but grew up in Derbyshire from age 2.

EARLY ARTISTIC INTERESTS: drawing, writing and music. Self-taught on ukulele from age 4. Took up classical guitar at 10 but soon bowled over by rock'n'roll. Electric guitar at 16. Immediately invited to join a band (in those days, a "beat group"): The Vulcans. Biggest gig: supporting Dave Berry & The Cruisers, playing to 1000 people in Central Hall, Derby, 1963. Terrifying but exciting. Filled exercise books ("donated" by school) with poems, stories, drawings and song lyrics, mostly in the nonsense genre a la Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll, Spike Milligan etc.

WORK: after A-Levels, started working as British Rail estate management trainee. Digs in London, then Manchester. Continued music, art and writing for fun. Liked London and Manchester, didn’t like job. Stuck it for a couple of years, then, rather than doing what the well-meaning elders around me wanted me to do, left to do what I wanted to do . . .

ART COLLEGE: 1 year pre-dip at Derby Art College. Played guitar and ukulele and sang in folky duo The Few with Rowland "Miggi" Middleton. Then 3 years at Nottingham studying furniture design, where I met Derek Pearce. He’s been a good friend and colleague ever since. We became . . .

ROARING JELLY: duo (briefly) then trio, poaching Mick Hennessy from The Druids. Semi-pro during teacher training / school teaching years. Band went pro in 1981, 16 years in total (see Roaring Jelly).

OTHER BANDS: after Jelly, spent 12 years in another long-lived band, R. Cajun & The Zydeco Brothers, enjoying the best years of the European Cajun boom (late 80s/early 90s) which we helped create. Also a member, sometimes concurrently, of Zydeco Hot Rods, Back Seat Jivers and The Omega 3. Worked with daughter Alice, singer of jazz, blues and standards, writing and recording songs, helping her find musicians and gigs. Clive Harvey's BIG Ukulele Band (duo with Derek Pearce) formed mid-2012 for occasional gigs.

NOW: musician, ukulele and guitar teacher, songwriter, happily married and living in Surrey. 

CH, 2013