"Hot Ukulele!" CD

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"UK Ukulele Envoy" CD

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CDs available at gigs/workshops or by mail - please email for details (see Contact page)
Available at Clive's gigs and workshops or by mail (please Contact Clive for details)


Clive's latest solo ukulele-based CD, 2011. A wide range of material and treatments, from solo uke to full arrangements, with Clive doing everything including most of the writing. Track listing:

Hot Ukulele - Upbeat instrumental opener with a hint of Hawaii.
Stealing Chips - The butterfly effect in a little family saga based, loosely, on a true story. Probably Clive's most requested song among children.
She Wears Red Feathers - And don't forget the huly-huly skirt. One of Guy Mitchell's great singalong hits from the 50s and perfect on uke. Not very pc by today's standards but fun. A guilty pleasure!
Beautiful Island - An original "tiki"-style song, simple, relaxed and relaxing. One of Clive's personal favourites from his recent compositions.
Stephen Hawking Lives In My Downstairs Loo - Dedicated to one of Clive's heroes and inspired by the sound of a faulty extractor fan. A flight of fantasy and, Clive admits, a very silly song.
Over The Rainbow - Clive's solo instrumental take on this fabulous old standard. Bears no resemblance whatsoever to Israel K's version.
The Map Of Australia - Another rather bizarre song, again based on a true story.
Boogulele (Ukulele Boogie) - Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Cradle Song (Lullaby) - Another of Clive's solo uke arrangements, this time of the much loved little classic by Johannes Brahms.
Wellington Rag - A lively ragtime-inspired instrumental written in, and named after, New Zealand's capital city. Hear it in full via YouTube (see left).
Time - A love song.
High-Visibility Trousers - Despite its title also a love song . . .  sort of . . .


Clive's first solo CD, 2009. Some solo uke items, others with fuller arrangements. Clive's son Jackson took the cover photo and plays bass guitar on one song, otherwise it's Clive doing everything. Track listing:

UK Ukulele Envoy - Catchy tune, cheeky claim. Hear it in full via YouTube (see left).
I Live In Trafalgar Square - Lovely old music hall song written by C.W. Murphy in 1902.
Pennies From Heaven - 1936 standard first sung by Bing Crosby.
When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano - Leon Rene's sentimental ballad subjected to a surreal Harvey twist.
Twelve Children - Clive in calypso mood.
I'm Henry The Eighth, I Am - Harry Champion's famous signature song, bizarrely a huge No. 1 hit in America for Herman's Hermits.
Baby Baby - Clive first sang and recorded this with the Back Seat Jivers in rock'n'roll mode. It adapts well to uke.
Wimoweh (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) -  African song picked up by Pete Seeger in the 50s, a big hit for The Tokens in the early 60s and revived again in The Lion King. Popular with kids and a staple item in Clive's uke workshop repertoire.
Wartime Medley - 8 wartime favourites given the ukulele treatment and a full arrangement complete with the sound of marching boots.

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