"Hot Ukulele!" CD

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"UK Ukulele Envoy" CD

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CDs available at gigs/workshops or by mail - please email for details (see Contact page)
Available at Clive's gigs and workshops or by mail (please Contact Clive for details)


Ukulele-based solo CD. A wide range of material and treatments, from solo uke to full arrangements, with Clive doing everything including most of the writing. Track listing:

Hot Ukulele - Upbeat instrumental opener with a hint of Hawaii.
Stealing Chips - The butterfly effect in a little family saga based, loosely, on a true story. Probably Clive's most requested song among children.
She Wears Red Feathers - And don't forget the huly-huly skirt. One of Guy Mitchell's great singalong hits from the 50s and perfect on uke. Not very pc by today's standards but fun. A guilty pleasure!
Beautiful Island - An original "tiki"-style song, simple, relaxed and relaxing. One of Clive's personal favourites from his recent compositions.
Stephen Hawking Lives In My Downstairs Loo - Dedicated to one of Clive's heroes and inspired by the sound of a faulty extractor fan. A flight of fantasy and, Clive admits, a very silly song.
Over The Rainbow - Clive's solo instrumental take on this fabulous old standard. Bears no resemblance whatsoever to Israel K's version.
The Map Of Australia - Another rather bizarre song, again based on a true story.
Boogulele (Ukulele Boogie) - Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Cradle Song (Lullaby) - Another of Clive's solo uke arrangements, this time of the much loved little classic by Johannes Brahms.
Wellington Rag - A lively ragtime-inspired instrumental written in, and named after, New Zealand's capital city. Hear it in full via YouTube (see left).
Time - A love song.
High-Visibility Trousers - Despite its title also a love song . . .  sort of . . .


Ukulele-based CD. Some solo items, others with fuller arrangements. Clive's son Jackson took the cover photo and plays bass guitar on one song, otherwise it's Clive doing everything. Track listing:

UK Ukulele Envoy - Catchy tune, cheeky claim. Hear it in full via YouTube (see left).
I Live In Trafalgar Square - Lovely old music hall song written by C.W. Murphy in 1902.
Pennies From Heaven - 1936 standard first sung by Bing Crosby.
When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano - Leon Rene's sentimental ballad subjected to a surreal Harvey twist.
Twelve Children - Clive in calypso mood.
I'm Henry The Eighth, I Am - Harry Champion's famous signature song, bizarrely a huge No.1 hit in America for Herman's Hermits.
Baby Baby - Clive first sang and recorded this with the Back Seat Jivers in rock'n'roll mode. It adapts well to uke.
Wimoweh (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) -  African song picked up by Pete Seeger in the 50s, a big hit for The Tokens in the early 60s and revived again in The Lion King. Popular with kids and a staple item in Clive's uke workshop repertoire.
Wartime Medley - 8 wartime favourites given the ukulele treatment and a full arrangement complete with the sound of marching boots.

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