"Hot Ukulele!" CD

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"UK Ukulele Envoy" CD

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CDs available at gigs/workshops or by mail - please email for details (see Contact page)
Clive Harvey, Surrey-based ukulele player and teacher, guitar player and teacher, songwriter. If you were looking for his website, well done, you've found it. If you weren't . . .  well, you've found it anyway and, who knows? -  it could be your lucky day! 

Clive has been a working musician for most of his adult life. Either in bands or as a soloist he has played all over the UK and in many countries abroad, as far afield as Hong Kong. He has performed on TV and radio, played onstage with Sir Paul McCartney and as support for major acts including Van Morrison, Debbie Harry and late legends Victoria Wood and Lonnie Donegan

He plays occasional gigs with rock'n'roll band The Back Seat Jivers but these days, in an interesting twist of fate, Clive is very busy teaching and performing on the hugely popular ukulele. Back in the '80s, long before the current boom, seeing Clive wielding uke in his band Roaring Jelly provided a major inspiration to the founders of The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain who in turn have done so much to popularise the "jumping flea". 

It took about 25 years, but it came full-circle!

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